Here we go KMG readers…start scouring teh internets for the stupidest Christmas related item. Surely you can find something tacky, ridiculous or just plain stupid, that is worthy of winning this contest. The winner will be announced on my show this Saturday. Sorry – no prizes:( But…you can look forward to wasting time surfing the net and maybe walking away with the title of “KMG Stupid Christmas Item Winner” (and the crowd goes wild)! Sorry to set the bar so high.dogdeer-1

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10 Replies to “Stupid Christmas Item Contest”

  1. I got one of these reindeer’s two years ago ffrom
    my sister and I have held onto it just looking
    for the right person to regift it too. Greta if
    you can’t live without it it’s yours.

    Kathie Neuner

  2. Greta, I will give it to Tammany at the Trailhead
    Saturday and you can get it from her.


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