Yep – Eddie Price in the news with a 2004 story about how he used and abused the taxpayers money to go a wedding. What can I say anymore, but I am not surprised. He is the gift that keeps on giving (for news) or should I say – taking. Grrrrrr…. Because I was involved in the recall early on, people will e-mail and ask me what I think about this article or about how the recall petition is moving along. All I can say is that hopefully the justice system will do what needs to be done!

2 Replies to “Here is my surprised look – not!”

  1. Is it just me or are we beginning to see a trend in the area, where things are coming to light and people are asking questions? With Jefferson gone, the car audit, more coming out about Eddie’s antics, Nagan’s actions in regard to the budget….to me all signs point to NOLA starting to pay attention. I hope we are at a tipping point where status quo is no longer tollerated.

    North Shore or South, people need to pay attention and demand our elected officials serve US!

  2. Glad the ………. is finally hitting the fan. Or maybe people are tired of being victimized which they have been and continue to be by the politicians. Can’t say I believe in a justice system, because I don’t. The legal system exists. It is broken, but it does exist. For a fraction of what many of the politicians do, the rest of the public would be thrown in the “pokie” & the key probably thrown away. Keep publicizing what the politicians are doing. In MA we have 1 female caught on tape stuffing her blouse in bills. She categorically denies taking bribes, although caught many times before – just not so publically displayed. Where was her pocketbook?

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