OK – so I really enjoy entertaining but hate getting everything ready. We haven’t really entertained since we moved here and New Year’s Eve seemed like the perfect opportunity. Hubby was hesitant to do it because he knows how stressed I get. OK – so now I am a little stressed but it will go off just fine.

What are you doing???

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  1. I too am hosting a little get together for some Patriot Guard Members. I love the hosting part. I am all ready, just waiting on the guest to arrive tomorrow night.

  2. I’ll probably cook a nice dinner for my husband and I – just a quiet celebration at home. He’s working New Years day so it’s probably going to be an early night.

    We should have our house finished in the next couple of weeks and I hope to have a party for all those who helped us with the re-build and invite our neighbors. Should be fun and my Dad will be here spending the winter with us and he’s always a good time!

    I’m not sure I know how to entertain “New Orleans Style”…..menu ideas? I’d appreciate any suggestions!

  3. Stacy – see the jealous look on my face?

    Barb – you are asking the wrong person for that. I am throwing a casual bring something to share party. I can’t do crawfish boils or make gumbo…yet. Congrats on your house almost being done – yippee!!!

  4. Chinese and champagne in the hot tub!! The boys just got home Monday and want to spend some time with their friends so . . . .I’m “kid-less” ! Yippee!

  5. Have 2 kids under 6. Staying home for a normal night like every other year. Boring. Although New Years was a little boring before kids too. Highly overrated!

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