BALL ATTIRE (just bought my ball gown today- woot woot)

Make sure you read the invitation of the ball you will be attending very carefully. Formal attire or black tie means gowns go “to the floor” and men absolutely have to be in tuxes. Men can either rent or buy Mardi Gras inspired vests, ties and/or cummerbunds to go with their tux. Now this is no conservative affair for the women, it is time to have fun. Women should not be shy about showing off their cleavage but don’t need to look like cheap hookers either (sexy but not slutty). But if you got it – flaunt it a little, let your hair down and take lots of pictures before you attend the event as you will not look as good after you have a few drinks – LOL! It is all about how you feel and if you have “that” dress that makes you feel beautiful – wear it. Also consider shoes, will you be walking through New Orleans to get to the ball? Since you will want to bring a rolling suitcase and/or cooler (yes – most balls are BYOB and food), be sure to pack another pair of shoes just in case! Remember, no ball gown or tux is complete without beads, but don’t worry – there will be plenty there for you!

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4 Replies to “Mardi Gras tip#2”

  1. Sounds like so much fun! Someday I’ll be invited to one, and I gotta get that new year’s resolution in gear so I’ll be ready to wear a sexy dress!

    I love the masks at the mask shop on Royal where they’re all individually made. I’m also in love with the delicately carved metal ones I’m seeing. So pretty.

  2. That is assuming that you are going to a “costume” ball, usually parading, involving feathers and well, lots of costumes. There are other balls, “white dress” balls, like those of Rex, Proteus and Comus. They are the original types of balls which originated in France. Young women, of marrying age were presented to society in guess what, white dresses. They were then danced with by many a suitor from the area, wearing masks. The tradition still exists although you usually know who the masked men are. The dress attire is costum du rigor or extremely formal dress. Women must wear to the floor dresses, that are not white, and men must wear white tie and tails. There are still organizations that turn people away because of improper dress. If you ever get a chance to watch the meeting of the courts that airs on WYES at midnight on Mardi Gras it is amazing to watch and lets you view a white dress ball. You never know who you might see there.

  3. Thank you for the edumacation Allison. I’m such a newbie still and have so much to learn. My Krewe’s “Ball” is actually a costume ball. We wear what we will be wearing on the float. So – do you have a white dress in your closet???

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