I wasn’t sure whether to call this post “Save Greta’s radio show” or “Keep Greta on the airwaves.” Pimping myself seemed appropriate as in a sense, that is what I have to do right now to keep my show! I feel so cheap…LOL!

So let’s back up here just a bit, yours truly, at the age of 40, sits down with a radio station personality and manager and ask if they will give me a shot on the air on AM 690 WIST Radio out of New Orleans. Miraculously, they agree to give me a weekly hour of air time and voila’ – a show is born. My background is in Exercise Science and Education, so I was not familiar with this industry nor am I familiar with sales!!! No coaching, no training, just go…. So since April of 2008 I have been running a weekly one hour show that is divided into 2 segments. Each segment I try and bring on the most eclectic assortment of guests. I’ve had a Congressman, Veterans, a Grammy award winning singer, authors, fashion experts, face readers, musicians, artists and everything in between. I work about 3 hours during the week, booking and researching guests – for FREE – no money – nada! If given the opportunity, I would do just about anything for a weekday chance. But…as I learn about this tough industry, I realize that I need to keep going on the weekends until that opportunity presents itself.

Now you would think by knowing me in person or my reading my blog(s) that I am great at self-promotion. I will sell anyone on Soldiers’ Angels or anything to do with heroes, but I SUCK when it comes to promoting me! I am confident that I have what it takes to be in this industry and this is where you come in dear reader. If I don’t get a show sponsor – the show is history – fine’ – put a fork in me I am done on the airwaves!

If you have a business and would like to invest in me, now is the chance. The advertising package is very reasonable for what you get in return. Not only will you get live advertisement on my show but you will be linked on WIST. You get lots of stuff added into that package and guess what – I still do not get paid! It is all about keeping myself on the air to bring a different kind of show to you. ALL offers are on the table, so if you have a business, organization or anything that could use some promotion – we can talk! gretaperry@gmail.com (985)807-4805

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One Reply to “Pimping myself”

  1. Greta,
    Radio is crazy to let you go! You should be on the air.
    You may not be good at selling yourself in your opinion, but what you bring with your personality & knowledge to radio, & the fantastic guests you seek out & bring to people is selling yourself. Actions speak louder than words. So, hope there is someone bright enough out there to be listening & not allow someone so very special to be lost on the airways. This is an unbiased opinion, because although you are my daughter, I admire your caring to outreach to others & your enormous capability to get things done.
    Love, Mom

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