* Twitter is a form of social networking http:/twitter.com
* My friend @yatpundit has a good summary on how to use Twitter
* You have to say what you want in 140 characters or less
* You follow people and they follow you back, ignore you or block you
* You can place links in your post and most applications have tiny URL built right in
* All the armed forces have a twitter account
* You can get applications for your phone – Twitterfon is my favorite!
* Zannel.com works great to post pictures on Twitter
* Tweetdeck is the best desktop application
* You are not a desirable follow if you don’t have an avatar
* Bots and sale pushers get blocked fast. Twitterspam is a new trend as is Twitter phishing – UGH!
* I have attended several Tweetups – meet up with Twitter friends.
* Direct message is a great tool but you must both follow each other to use it.
* This is the newest form of marketing that is catching on fast! Twiterverse explosion!
* a RT is when you re-tweet what someone said. This spreads a tweet to another person’s list of followers…
* The Fail Whale is what you get when Twitter has technical difficulties

c/p at Hooah Wife

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  1. I don’t know about “tweetie”, but I do know a “sweetie” when I see one and you are one. I love the photo.
    A belated Happy New Year, Greta.

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