Princess Whinalot: Can I have a hamster for my birthday in September?
Me: No
PW: Well then I’ll ask Santa for a hamster?
Me: He’ll have to ask my permission first and I’ll say no.
PW: If I get enough money for Christmas & Hannukah, I am going to buy my own hamster.
Me: I still won’t let you.
PW: Daddy said he might let me get a hamster but I have to talk to you.
Me: No hamster – we have 4 cats and I’m not cleaning any more animal messes.
Hubby: But she’ll only be 8 once in her life – can’t we get her a hamster – please?
Me: No
PW: wahhhhhhhh!
Hubby: Come on honey, she is old enough to take care of it by herself.
Me: You know I’ll end up taking care of it.
Hubby & PW: Please – she has enough money.
Me: Whatever – get the freaking thing. But we are all going to the pet store to consider our options.
Family: Off to Adventure Pets in Mandeville to learn about rodent pets while owning 4 indoor cats.
Pet store owner: You should really consider a rat or maybe even a gerbil.
(PW sticks her hand in to pet hamster and it bites her badly and she is bleeding and crying)
Me: (Cheering & comforting at the same time) Maybe it is not a good idea. Maybe we’ll just stick with cats.
Smart pet store owner: Like I said , gerbils are nicer.
Me: Well they aren’t as cute
PW: I want a gerbil.

Welcome “Princess” the gerbil to the family. Let me tell you how so NOT thrilled I am about this new family member…The first time it starts smelling up the house – I’m sending the cats in to clean the cage!

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4 Replies to “I want a hamster”

  1. I had this very same fight with my mother over a rat when I was 14. The minute her back was turned (i.e. in the hospital) I bought the rat and brought it home. Dad was less than thrilled, but I had Bones for almost 4 years before she called it quits.

    Good luck, and keep the cage clean.


  2. You’re in luck, with four inside cats, the gerbils days are numbered. In the meantime, your cats will be SOOOO entertained!

  3. Hahahaha… reality my hamster is named brownie for my very own soon to be 8 yr old Miss whinesalot. LOL

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