Mathematically, it is probably not good for a family when the number of 4 legged critters outnumbers the humans! It is becoming a zoo around here. Seems I keep picking up additional things I need to take care of that can’t take care of themselves! You have read similar posts in the past, but with lots of new readers, it is only fair to re-introduce the gang. So let me give you a synopsis of each of the critters:

Noel: Our now overweight Pixie Bob cat who could give a rat’s ass that I exist. She walks around the house all day and meows and I have never pet her! She hops on a kid’s bed each night to assure a place in the house. She is also hubby’s cat and makes sure he gets to pet her at least once a day.

Blue: Another attitude case who will let you pet him on HIS terms. Smart enough to strategically jump on the bed of each kid every night for a little petting so I can’t take him for a long ride in the country without causing hysteria. He ran away twice last year and…well….he is home and the kids are thrilled.

Yoda: My cat! Though a royal PITA. I can often be seen sleeping with a Yoda tail mustache!

Peanut: The short bus cat who was oxygen deprived at birth. Full-grown at 4 pounds, she has yet to master many “normal cat skills.” Her twin sister is obese Noel who looks like she ate 3 Peanuts! Peanut gets way too much attention and is spoiled rotten! She licks the air instead of her paws and freaks out all the time. The vet is fearful of her as she draws blood on each visit as she transforms into the Tasmanian Devil!

Chulo the Stupor Dog: The doggie school dropout who has failed THREE rounds of dog school! He is in desperate need of Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer! He is so faithful to his family it is sick. Loves kids and hates other dogs. Each day on his walk I get several dirty looks from neighborhood dog owners as he gets crazy when their dogs go by. He does not play well with others and we are pretty sure there will be a picture of him at the new dog park with a big red slash through his face!

Princess: Grrrrr the new gerbil who if not careful will be named “cat food.”

That’s it folks – my crazy life of critters in a nutshell! Tell me about yours!

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4 Replies to “Critters are taking over my house”

  1. You really should put out photos for Don & others. A gerbil? Are you kidding. The gerbil will expire from a heart attack. The cats will be licking their mouths, perhaps even Peanut (instead of the air). Chulo will go crazy. Good luck to the gerbil. What did you name it, so you can put it on his gravesite? Poor tortured thing. You need another cat!
    Love, Mom

  2. Glad you know all about mine. Would take way too long to describe each one. Lets just say they are unique in their own little ways. We should open up animal farms…

  3. I like your mother’s name for the gerbil: cat food, but PW might not like that name.

    Its a litle long, but you could go with “comida para gatos” which is spanish for cat food of “nourriture pour chat” (french) or “cibo per gatti” (italian)

    Maybe tell PW you are just going to call it Cibo

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