3 Replies to “Is Mardi Gras Family Friendly?”

  1. Greta-

    Mardi Gras can definitely be family friendly. Have you heard of Family Gras? It was a big success this year.

    You could also consider spending Mardi Gras elsewhere. We’d encourage you to think of Las Vegas as one of your options. And if you need a refresh on what Vegas holds for the whole family, check out http://visitlasvegas.com/smalltown and see what we did for the families of Cranfills Gap.

    Kate and The VisitLasVegas.com team

  2. I’ve never been lucky enough to spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but I’ve spend of time there at other times of the year. I’ve taken my kids to the French Quarter and found it very family friendly. Although I have to say I enjoy it more when I don’t have kids there. LOL

    Only four more weeks until my next trip to the Quarter!

  3. I grew up here so i tend to define ‘family friendly’ differently. I remember seeing women flashing for beads when i was 4 years old and i just thought it was normal, not traumatic. Anyway, the further you get away from the French Quarter on the route, the more family friendly it becomes – more kids, less visible drunkeness and lewdness. It’s also closer to the beginning of the parades so they’re usually over before 9pm whereas further down the route they can pass after midnight. Napoleon near St Charles and now Magazine St are excellent family locations.

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