“Hail Orpheus, Hail Yes!” is the saying from the Krewe my husband rides in. The Original Krewe of Orpheus rolled last night in Mandeville and hubby had a fabulous day, beginning with golf at 8:30 and ending after 11 with the end of the parade in walking distance from our house. My curiosity got the best of me at the Oprheus Ball this year as to why the parade was referred to as the “Original Krewe of Orpheus.” What I was told was they they had been in existence since 1987, when another Krewe was formed in New Orleans in 1993 by Harry Connick, Jr. and took the same name. There were no copyright laws, just gentlemen’s agreement stuff and well…the rest is history. Anyhoo, I’m not one for sour grapes and am glad that hubby is part of this awesome Krewe.

Tomorrow night, myself and the kids will be with the giant rodent saying “Hail Mickey, Hail Yes!”

Off to go sort through the Mardi Gras loot we collected this season before we head out…

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