I apologize for light posting this week. You see – on Sunday, I loaded The Family Truckster with a very bad cold (now gone), in search of the almighty rodent. After realizing my brilliant plan to listen to books on CD was foiled because my freaking CD player was broken, I survived on tissues and XM radio. Not to disappoint the grateful Angels in the car who had tormented me on the drive enough to make me say on 2 seperate occasions the words, “Don’t make me turn this car around,” I trekked on. We arrived and I found the strength to attend 4 of the magical extended hours in the Magic Kingdom (I am tougher than I though as that brought us to 1:00).

I bounced out of bed on Monday, feeling much better and dragged them through a solid 12 hour day of Mouse madness. As I peck this post to you from my iPhone, I ponder why Mickey won’t give
free wireless. I’ll buy it at least one day here. But as I piss our hard earned money away on days of “quality family time,” I don’t think it is too much to ask. Fercryingoutloud, this is Disney, they have and can complete their mission of “world domination.” now give the people free wireless.

Off to wake the sleeping angels and drag them for another magical day:)

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