I was honored and privileged to be given an advanced copy of the movie, Brothers at War. Neither myself nor my husband are good at sitting still for long, but we both found ourselves glued to and drawn into this movie/documentary from start to finish. I watched it from the military spouse perspective, while he was quick to identify with Issac as a fellow West Point Graduate who himself had journeyed through some of the same places in Iraq. No other footage since Bad Voodo’s War has portrayed anything so real and unbiased about the war and the soldiers who serve in it. Jake Rademacher embedded twice for the filming of this movie and shared with us what he really experienced first-hand, no Hollywood agenda. His personal mission to see what his two active duty brothers experienced in Iraq, leads us to some intimate interviews with the men who allowed him to accompany them while they performed their duties. Jake left with a better understanding of the conditions his brothers lived in and he shared that with us effortlessly on the screen. In addition to the footage in Iraq, we are invited into the lives of the Rademacher family for some very personal moments. Well-done and flawless from start to finish, this piece of history will be shown for many years to come.

~Greta Perry~

Order your advanced tickets today as this movie was meant for the big screen and not at home on DVD.

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  1. Hi Greta,

    We have an upcoming deployment of 1900 service members (Vermont’s largest deployment) and we have been looking for a great video for our Family Programs and thought this would be a great one. It’s not in our area. You received a copy, would you know how we would go about doing this as well?

    Thank you for your time,

    Marcie Caulfield
    Vermont Military OneSource JFSAP Consultant

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