Ya – another thinking out loud about “me” post. Maybe almost hitting 41 has something to do with it. But hey – it is my blog – I pay for it – and if you don’t like it…move along..nothing for you to read here (but rubbernecking is in your blood so you will stay):)

I spend way too much time inside my little pea of a brain. I’m a vivid daydreamer and those nighttime dreams…never mind…not your business. Probably odd for someone who is so social and so busy to be dreaming so much – but that’s just me. I just thank goodness that none of you can step into my head and I’m probably glad I can’t step into yours too. I usually do live for the day, am a realist and remember bits and pieces of the past. Due to a head injury in 93, I forgot chunks of my youth. However, with my entire graduating class swamping Facebook these days, lots of memories are flooding back. And yes, I’m also having those, “I hope those Michael Phelps pictures of me don’t hit teh internets or I’m screwed” moments too (but I was young and stupid then and now I’m just older and stupid haha). Anyhoo, up until now I’ve pretty much accomplished everything I’ve set out to do, though maybe not things you would consider “successes,” they were for me and that is all that matters.

So where is Greta going with all this? Well, right now, for the first time in my adult life, I’m realizing I have the potential to fill other dreams and reach for the stars (sorry so cliche’). I think I have enough support around me (you know who you are – thanks for being there) that believe that I have yet to reach my potential. Do I have what it takes to be a bigger player in the media? Well I guess I’ll never know until I try – will I? Just today, a mentor took me under his wings and gave me some advice that I will be forever grateful for receiving. He pointed out my flaws (yes I can take criticism) and my strengths and gave me some pointers that put me into a new frame of thought. I was obviously searching for something when I contacted him, and think I hit the mentor “jackpot.”

Do I have that “it” factor? Can the “total Greta package” set me apart from everyone else and attract people to read, listen or watch? It is time for me to stop floundering around testing the waters and plunge in butt-ass naked and just go for it. Maybe it is time to be a little selfish (something I’ve never been) and make my dreams a reality. I just want you to brace yourself for “Greta’s Wild Ride” (which will be recorded on this blog). So hang on folks, and join me as I continue to move forward to achieve the reality of my dreams – somewhere in the media. And yes, I welcome suggestions, contacts and criticism. Off to do laundry and make dinner now…

Oh…and my radio show format will change this week too – don’t miss it. Saturday 9-10 AM central – WIST AM 690.

6 Replies to “Dreaming for Reality”

  1. Girl I am so proud of you as are many others! It is so much fun reading and watching you! I would love to possess that yankee chutzpa of yours and to be doing what you are doing but I don’t so am not but man you are taking me on miss gretas wild ride too!!! Proud of you girlfriend!

  2. friendly advice – find ONE thing that is your passion – radio, blog, soldiers angel, organizing whatever – and put ALL your time and energy into that one thing and make it big and successful. Don’t spread yourself thin by focusing on too much at one time. We all know that you still have to be mom, wife, daughter too.

    Keep going. I am watching and waiting. . .

  3. I respectfully disagree…

    There is going to be that ONE thing that will always remain the cornerstone of your public image… your most passionate cause… but the last thing you want to become is a “one trick pony”.

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