OK readers – I’m changing things up things on my radio show starting this week. No more guests – just me talking about issues that get a rise out of me and hopefully you. Yes, I ‘m nervous and excited at the same time. Up until now I’ve been interviewing guests for my show. This is going to be all me on the hot seat – OMG!!! If I’m going to move forward in the industry, I have to show that I can handle an hour by myself and keep you tuned in. So this is where you come in:

1. What issues do you think would make you call in at the moment?
2. Will you call in? 1-888-880-WIST or (504)260-0690

Tune in Saturday Morning 9-10 AM 690 WIST for New Orleans and Gulf Coast residents or live on your computer here for everyone else. Call in number (504)260-0690 or 888-880-WIST.

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4 Replies to “Kiss My Gumbo Radio”

  1. Greta, whatever the headlines are in the news (especially local) will be great to get a rise out of people. It’s very interesting to hear from both sides of an issue that is close to home.

  2. What could possibly make you think that anyone cares about your opinions? You’re a transplant here, you haven’t even been here long enough to say you’ve paid your dues. You’re a joke.

    You live on the Northshore, not in New Orleans. Your opinion of the New Orleans Council means nothing. You don’t know the history of New Orleans, you don’t know the context, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. “If I’m going to move forward in this industry” – are you kidding. Because you write a little blog, that some of your neighbors and relatives read, you’re going to be a Media Star? How big is your ego? Just because you buy an hour of time on the radio each week, doesn’t mean you have talent. You can’t buy talent.

    And, btw, just because you have an adopted Hispanic child, doesn’t mean you know what it is to be Hispanic.

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