I survived my first solo radio show – no guests. Here is the podcast. Since April of 2008 I’ve been doing interview-based radio. I seriously almost hurled this morning with the anticipation of going solo and taking on the daring topic of race and politics. I’m a bigger lunatic than I thought – LOL. Switching gears from being guest driven to becoming interactive is a whole other ball game too. Also taking the multimedia approach with Twitter, e-mail and instant messaging is something new and tested my multi-tasking skills! Thank you for all your support – much appreciated. Now to plan for next week…

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5 Replies to “Well I did it…”

  1. For your non local listeners it might have been a good idea to very quickly summarize what happened between black and white city council members.

    I suspect that someone overreacted to something someone else said, and because one happened to be black and one happened to be white it was said to be racial when it really was not.

    I personally think Obama is trying to destroy the country, but my objection to him has absolutely nothing to do with him being partly black. It is because he is a completely left wing nut, dedicated to destroying Capitalism and replace it with Socialism despite evidence that it has never worked before. And I would oppose someone doing that if he was black, white, red, brown, yellow, or green with pink polka dots.

  2. I agree with you about the changes the man is attempting. He reminds me of those guys/girl;s in school who said of course communism can work. When asked what in tarnation makes you think that? it has never worked before…ever. The response is ” Well the right person hasn’t done it before” I guess our president at the moment took that to heart and thinks that he is that person…bless his naive inexperienced heart.

  3. And despite what some of the papers were implying during the election, Obama is NOT Jesus Christ. The Anti Christ, perhaps, but I don’t even think that.

  4. That was tough, Greta. I’m writing and listening to your recording at the same time. It is tough for most white people to take a position on race as a few callers have said. I really think racism has died to some extent in this country. The ugliness of the past has been relegated to a small population of ignorant people. Today it is about economics and power! We all want power and sound finances and some will get it “by any means necessary” – Malcolm X. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton and unfortunately this is the plight of man. Hang in there Greta. Look to the brighter side of life because darkness will remain in the heart of man. Wish I could have called!

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