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The letter below is from good friends of mine who lives in Livingston Parish with his wife Ann. Their sweet dog, Sadie, who my daughter and I had thrown a frisbee with just weeks before her untimely death, was found murdered in the most disturbing matter. The letter below is from Paul (Sadies’ owner) to the Sherriff’s Department. I am trying to help them get this story out because it has been ignored and more dogs have been found dead since Sadie was taken and murdered over Thanksgiving.

Mr. Graves;

I am hoping that this email will achieve what I’ve not been able to, via Letters to you and contact with the Media.

I learned of a significant problem with the stealing and subsequent torturing and mutilation of dogs along the HWY 42 Corridor late last year when our family pet, Sadie, came up missing and was later discovered in a dumping ground which is used weekly, by the perpetrators of this heinous criminal act.

I’ve written your department letters. I’ve spoken with your Deputies and have taken them to the location. I’ve turned over evidence that has been collected, to your Department. I’ve worked with local Media, which I understand, have been in contact with you, yet I don’t seem to be able to garner an acceptable response. (225 Baton Rouge ran a short mention in their January Issue: http://www.225batonrouge.com/news/2008/dec/31/whispers/)

My wife and I regularly stop by the dumping ground, each Sunday after Breakfast, as we are accumulating a collection of photographs, which we are using to gain the attention of the Local Media. This being said, the extent of the carnage that we discovered today, is as such, that I need to try one more time, to gain your attention, before I try other channels.

Take a moment and look at the attached photograph. Follow this link and download a Zip Files of just a few of the photographs we’ve collected. files.me.com/tuennerman/wf4lt3

I realize that your department may be working with limited funding. But, the people who commit these types of crimes, aren’t attending Church; there is a strong likely hood that they are committing other crimes and could even possibly, begin imposing this level of torture on women and children. I beg of you, please, take a moment to come meet me so I can show you first hand, the problem; there is evidence of dozens and dozens of dogs within a small area.


Paul G. Tuennerman

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  1. Bless your heart..that is very disturbing. So many mass murderers start with animal torture. What are the law regarding animals in La? I don’t recall from my time living in NOLA but I know even up here in Idaho its become a bigger and bigger issue. I wish you luck getting the word out…. Would the Gov’s office be a decent start? Bobbi Jindal has given me so much hope for the state of La…plus he is a straight up guy. Wonder if his office would be a help?…Best wishes getting the dangerous person caught before he does a Joseph Duncan somewhere in La.

  2. This is horrible Greta. A few carcases would be one thing but this is just heinus. Sad part is , even if they catch these people they will literally serve little or no Jail time. I recommend these loving pet owners, when face with no help from the authorities, stake out this spot and end these sub par human beings life. It is soo sad to think human beings could do this to a loving animal. I have seen videos of what they do to bait animals , they tie their paws and break out their teeth so they wont hurt their prized fighter. Its just sick. I applaud the pey owners for taking it into their own hands. If they can find out who these people are and at the very least we can put an end to their operation.

  3. Probably the MSPCA has already been contacted, but if not, they will use what they accomplish for publicity, which they always need. They receive enormous amounts of funding. The television is another resource. People do not read or imagine, & kids are often aware if what is going on that adults are not privy to. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Try to get those photos out. The victims are already dead. Their photos will tell the story. A stakeout might or might not work. You would definitely need animal police or regular police backup. These people may be very dangerous. So sorry about the loss of your pet & for all the others. These people just move on to humans, especially when they are young.

  4. this is so sad and makes me sick to my stomach. i live in central near livingston parish and one of my dogs went missing a few months ago. a friend to my step-mother that she heard there were people going around picking up peoples pets torturing and killing them. we never found my dog. i really hope that something like that didnt happen to him.

  5. Where can I look at the photos- I tried telling Ascension Parish long ago that someone was stealing dogs.
    There were five missing off of our dead end street within a week or so of each other. I thought maybe one of the neighbors were doing it and selling them to these monsters.

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