I wrote to you about the murder and abuse of dogs in Livingston Parish the other day. My dear friends Ann & Paul Tuennerman found their dog Sadie, murdered at the dumping site along with other carcasses. Paul went on a media blitz on March 9th and notice was taken. Disturbingly, he called me today with some rather baffling news (read below). I will include some pictures from the site and warning if you click on the “more” button, you will see a disturbing image. Something is very wrong with this scenario if you ask me. This case needs to be solved quickly! This below from Paul:

I was contacted by the Louisiana Humane Society on Tuesday Evening to inquire as to the conditions of the dead dogs, as they were assembling a group of volunteers to exhume them and take them to LSU for examination, in an effort to help the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Department with the investigation.

We agreed that we meet at the House at 4:00 p.m. and travel to the site. When we arrived at the Site, we found three Livingston Parish Public Works Employees with a Dump Truck and a Backhoe. They said they were dispatched at 3:00 p.m. to clean up the dogs.

This they indeed did. The scooped up just the dogs which would have allowed the Humane Society to conduct their examinations and quickly left as the News Crew exited their Car.

If you look at the two attached photos, you’ll notice a Brown Tub on which the dogs we placed. Look at the other photo, the Brown Tub is still there, the dogs however, gone. They took only the evidence.

All of the other trash, still left behind.

Call the Attorney General’s Office and demand an investigation! (225) 326-6705 or admininfo@ag.state.la.us

~Paul Tuennerman~

The first picture is a picture Paul recently took of a dog in a bathtub
The second picture is the bathtub minus the dogs/evidence found today.
This picture is of the piles of trash still at the site.

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3 Replies to “Urgent Livingston Parish Dog Update”

  1. That’s government for you. People are complaining about dogs, so get rid of the dogs. They are not complaining about bathtubs or other trash, so leave them.

    They don’t understand that people were complaining about what happened to the dogs, and that what people wanted was for the police to find out who was doing it, and stop them

  2. This is all very suspicious. First the sheriff’s office did nothing until there was the report on TV, even though Mr. Tunneman had been contacting them over and over. Then I notice this report about the vanishing evidence.

    Well, strange, and maybe a coincidence, but I recall several years back a Graves from a Baker Chevie dealership being caught with others in a raid at a dog fight. This was several years back. I don’t know if there is a relationship. But either some law enforcement officials are very stupid or there is some kind of cover up going on.

  3. Dogs depend on us, you and me, to protect them. I’m getting involved. Everyone needs to b/c there are correlations of the type of people to would do this to animals and then next is a child and other innocent people who can’t defend themselves. Make a call, Write to someone. We have to keep the pressure up. Support money to the Louisiana Humane Assoc. to help in their efforts. I am getting in touch with National Humane Assoc. for help as well as PETA, and the La.Humane Assoc. I think Willie Graves has been sheriff for too long. Lisa

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