By now you all know how in love I am with New Orleans and all it has to offer. Over the past 2 years, we’ve only spent one overnight in the French Quarter and this weekend hubby planned a second one. We stayed at the beautiful Ritz Carlton on Canal Street. They give a wonderful military discount Hooah! and are first class all the way! Lookie what was brought to my room (big awwwww)img_0403

Then we were off to Arnaud’s for dinner and drinks. Thanks to Mrs. Cocktail for helping me decide by text message what drinks I should request. She said to either get the French 75 or to trust anything Chris, a bartender she thinks very highly of, made for me. Chris decided to surprise me by whipping up a Brandy Smash (skipped wine and had 3 of them). Maybe that is why I am hungover…or is it all the Abita Ambers that followed? Hmmmmm
Hubby selected the room that had the Jazz trio playing and we faced Bourbon Street. Bonus…we also got to watch the Italian-American St. Joseph Parade go by in the rain.

Below is Shrimp Arnaud and Turtle Soup that hubby ordered and yours truly sampled. They were both magnificent but turtles are so cute and eating them makes me feel awful.
I ordered the Pontchartrain fish, which was red fish and the Souffle’ Potatoes. You bet – they were both mouthwatering!img_0406

Afterwards, we headed down Bourbon where the post-parade atmosphere was absolutely electric! We parked it atPat O’Briens for the night and met all types of wonderful people out having a wonderful time .

The picture below shows: my dirty shoes, garters placed on me by 2 different guys (1st guy spilled his drink down my leg), beads thrown from balconies or exchanged for kisses, lucky fava beans placed in my pocket by men. Not shown – bouquet of plastic flowers earned from kissing men left on the bar (on purpose) at Pat O’s. Yes, I was with my hubby the whole time – all innocent and traditional fun.

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  1. happy birthday greta!

    your time out on the town looks wonderful… you have tiny feet. mine look like chewbacca’s! heh.

  2. Sounds like you had a blast! I can’t wait til Saturday. It’s been a year since I’ve been to the Quarter. We are staying for four days!!!!!!!

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