Saturday’s radio show was a huge success (IMHO) talking about sex, politics and prostitution. My expert guest was Jeanette Meier, the former Canal Street Madam and she did a great job. Here is the podcast for your listening pleasure. I think you will be surprised on the stance I took on these matters. In fact, my husband tried to debate me as I was driving home as he was not in agreement with the positions I took on air. I would not debate him so he waited until I had a couple of glasses of wine and brought it up (LOL) and guess what? I didn’t change my mind and stuck to my guns (I’m strong with my convictions)! That is one of the scary things about hitting the airwaves, you need to be true to yourself and honest with your audience (I goofed and called my 42 year old friend 50 – oops -just came out). There are so many things buzzing through my head with my show, aside from my opinion which, “is what it is.” Below are the few little things I try to focus on during the one hour show:

* Did I rope you in at the beginning?
* Did I brand myself enough?
* Did I represent my sponsors well?
* Did I say the station call letters enough?
* Did I say the call in number enough?
* Did I take my hard and soft breaks on time?
* Did I talk slow enough or too fast?
* Did I update enough in case someone just tuned in?
* Did I continue to engage the audience?
* Do I have my research ready and talking points in case there are no callers?
* Am I checking my email and Twitter accounts enough for feedback during the show?

UGH!!! At least I don’t get nervous anymore – one less thing to distract me. But throw in a technical difficulty now and again – just crazy! Talk radio is tough and I’m green with envy at those on the top of their game! Maybe I’ll get there if I can juts get into a groove and certainly one hour a week does not get you there – need MORE!