We tried the new Wine Loft Bar in Mandeville, LA on Saturday night. After visiting their website, now I realize it is a franchise. The beauty of this establishment is that it is in walking distance from our house – woot woot. But I had to wear my new stilettos – so walking was out. Upscale stores opened up in front of the apartments that were built across from our subdivision. We did not know about the apartments when we bought our house, but what is done is done now (Whine #1). The big bonus for us, is that my oldest can babysit now and this was the perfect distance to leave him in charge and not have to pay the extra $60 or so for a sitter – woot woot. So with that money saved, I decided to drink some decent Chardonnay $11 a glass (whine #2 and I felt it just a little bit today).

The atmosphere was very chic and certainly out of place for the New Orleans area. We plopped ourselves down on the velvet couches that had sheer curtains draped on either side. When our party arrived, we headed up the stairs to a larger seating area with some couches and funky stools. The music was not what I would have chosen and was actually a little loud for this type of place (gosh I sound like a . We arrived about 9:30 and left about 1:00. This place was packed with a wide variety of people from couples to groups to singles. They offer a full service bar and have a small appetizer menu to choose from. A cool place to just hang and the service was very good – though got a little slower as the place got more crowded.

Oh you want my real whine? Today was non-stop housecleaning! Yuck and a big whine!!!

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3 Replies to “I want wine with my whine”

  1. I would feel sorrier for you were I not immured in the heart of the Bible Belt where a woman may not go in a drinnking establishment unaccompanied without tarnishing her reputation beyond repair Wine Bat? Perish the thought! Maybe in the big city.(Nashville). And I have yet to locate a place where people “of a certain age” are welcome. They all seem to be geared to folks under 40. Bet I can out whine you!

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