Not making fun of dementia or Alzheimer’s. In fact, I’m dealing with dementia with my father (it sucks). Anyhoo, if I were a politician, I would automatically claim to be taking Aricept for memory problems. In fact, I would demand the prescribed it to me in case….well…in case a problem ever arises. If I were a politician in say, Louisiana, problems with my Aricept prescription would be a likely defense. Say for instance…

Freezer dilemma: What freezer? I don’t own a freezer. Oh…that freezer. What money? Oh, you see, sometimes I forget where I put stuff. My prescription of Aricept had run out and I was confused. You see, I was on the way to the bank and got confused and accidently put the money in the freezer instead.

Pebble Beach dilemma: What trip to Pebble Beach? Oh…I go there so much I forgot who I went with and who paid for it. Oh that airplane. Gosh, I forgot to pick up my Aricept on the way to the airport. I can’t even recall who I stayed with while we were there.

Hawaii dilemma: Which trip to Hawaii? You see, I go there so much I often forget completely about the trips and all the pictures we took are the only way I remember. As to where we stay and who paid…fugetaboutit! That trip paid for by an employee, as my fuzzy memory recollects, the line at the pharmacy was too long so I went without my prescription of Aricept.

Now I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on my radio show or my blog…but Aricept would be a fabulous defense.

c/p at Louisiana Conservative

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5 Replies to “Where’s my Aricept?”

  1. Ok, I want some now too. Only do not tell my husband about this or all pressure to remember my birthday and our anniversary will be removed immediately.

  2. relying on the terrible short-term recall of voters is a common strategy. Your buddy Vitter is counting on that for next year. 🙂

  3. So aging DOES have advantages! I don’t think this makes up for the wrinkles but it’s better than nothing.

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