fridgedoor_2045_62502030I really have always loved Dr. Laura (hey we are both Jews so it is all good – Happy Passover) and she does great work with Foster Children. If I search our library, there may even be a couple of her books there. Today, Princess Whinalot was at the dentist and Dr. Laura popped up on the TV. She was talking about how being a stay at home mom (SAHM) is the best thing for the children and for our society. She also, in kind of a weenie way, wrote several disclaimers in her new book (that were being discussed on air) about defending the working moms as to not start “Mommy Wars.” Then tonight she was on Sean Hannity’s show – she is making her book circuit. You see, for the past 13 years, I’ve been a stay at home mom – tack on military wife, nomad, degrees under my belt and that is my MO in a nutshell. She somehow never left her career while she was a SAHM (still trying to figure that one out). Then again she wasn’t a military wife either. So you want to know why I am annoyed? Because, here I am, 41 years young – no regrets about having stayed home all these years to raise the rugmonsters. I’m just kicking myself in the ass a little right now as I struggle to leave the life of domestic goddessness (new word) to join the work force. Maybe if I stayed in the career path of my education it would not be such a big deal? So I changed my mind from teaching and athletic training to radio – they are pretty closely related – LOL! Don’t worry, I still think Dr. Laura is awesome and this book is probably great (though I won’t buy it). Until I reach my goal of weekday talk show hostess and I have to listen to her say how great being a SAHM is – I’ll want to kick her ass – haha! BTW – I am the “Princess of Positive” and I really do know that everything will workout great because of the choices I made – for me and for the family:)

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