Update: I have been informed that there is no way a cute koala on my thigh could be a tramp stamp! However, it is a catchy title so I’ll stick with it! Who knows – maybe the next one will be:)

I wanted a tattoo all through high school but forced my self to wait until I finished college. After college, I waited until my second year of graduate school to make sure I still wanted one. Always a huge koala lover, the little guy made it on the side of my thigh at 24. When I had kids….the bear got stretched and stretched and stayed stretched. My name for him over the years has been “cottage cheese bear.” My kids were bugging me to get him fixed since the leaves he was eating started to look like he had a mustache and he was very faded.

So tonight, I finally decided to have this mustache eating cottage cheese koala bear fixed. The new tattoo parlor in town (can’t believe I just wrote that) called Turning Point Tattoos on 204 Monroe Street in Mandeville was the my pick. (985)674-8532. Mark was a doll and made me feel right at home. This old house has been fixed up just beautifully inside with bright colors and a room with a pool table. The place was immaculate and lots of thought had gone into it with LCD TVs on the wall and beautiful work stations. Mark was extremely meticulous and worked very hard to make sure the koala would look much better. The price was very reasonable and who knows – I may go back for the Kiss My Gumbo custom logo on my low back. Oh ya – they do piercings on Friday and Saturday (belly button ring time?).

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  1. It’s about time that poor little koala had a makeover. Been asking you for years. Now he will be happy living with you or rather on you.
    Love, Mom
    He’s had a rough life. Deserved this TLC spa treatment.

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