* I’m off today to chaperone a field trip with my 7th graders. Yours truly gets to ride the bus into New Orleans with the buggers. Maybe we’ll break out singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall” (after all this is Louisiana LOL). We start at Cafe’ DuMond, head to the IMAX to see the dinosaur movie, then get to poke around the river front.

* The topic of my show this week is the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy. Should get some interesting conversations on this one. Yes, it will be another exciting show – promise! Saturday 9:00 central WIST AM 690

* Happy Passover! I decided on an Easter dinner this year with a Passover twist to mark the occasion.

* How to increase my readership? Unfortunately blogs don’t work under the premise of, “If you have good content they will come.”

* Will try and get a vlog up later!

* Damn – the kids are on vacation after today!

* 244th homecoming in Baton Rouge
When: Friday, April 10th
Where: LA Aircraft
Times: There are two flights scheduled for Friday, one will land at 2:20 pm and one will land at 2:50 pm. As you can see the flights are only 30 minutes apart.
What to bring: signs, flags, a folding chair if you plan on lounging while waiting for the aircraft.

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