2 Replies to “Yes, I have opinions”

  1. You’re an American citizen, so you have every right to be judgmental about our military’s policies and even how it’s used. It’s a fundamental right.

    Just as it’s a right of Americans who happen to be homosexual to be able to serve and defend the country they love if they so choose.

  2. Now, I hate dignifying Chris Crocker (the “Leave Brtiney Alone!” guy) in any way shape or form, but give this a watch:


    This probably pissed you off. It’s alright, it was meant to, he’s really just a shock jock. But consider for a second how that kind of mentality makes you feel, this “Oh woe is us, screw America, why should I fight for this repressive country.”

    How can we reject that sort of thinking, and not reflexively embrace those who love this country enough to serve? Even if we in the past have not been so open to the idea. Call me crazy, but I’ll take those that love America from any stripe over those who don’t. Let gays serve.

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