Never drink the stuff as I’m purely a coffee girl. This Wednesday, yours truly with the rugmonsters in tow, will be heading to Baton Rouge for a “tea party on the Capital steps. I try and teach the kids both sides of all the issues and want them to be independent thinkers and not brainwashed “sheeple.” We’ll be chatting about this a bunch today as I want them to make signs for the event. Princess Whinalot is more concerned about what she should wear as she understands she may be on TV (LOL). Don’t miss my Louisiana tea party roundup either!

Scott Ott has some inside information on the Obama Administration’s tea party scheming that you must read!

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7 Replies to “It’s all about tea”

  1. My princess YELLS alot! will be in school but I’m gonna be there with smile on and loud and proud telling the DC nuts to knock off this out of control spending. Maybe that’s a sign idea…KNOCK THIS IDIOCY OFF! nah gotta get more direct about what the idiocy is…

  2. Har! I think that’s an Abita Strawberry Harvest in your photo! Good stuff! Not tea!

    Seriously, nice blog and I’m linking you on my blogroll. I’m in Shreveport and have been promoting our tea party.

    Have fun tomorrow!

  3. Babysis… I’m hoping that you linked the Ott piece knowing that it’s a parody…

    I’m not all that sure how having the kids make protest signs is conducive to their seeing both sides of the issue… let them spend a summer with ‘uncle Mark’ and I will properly school them on all things left of center.

    Actually how about this for a sign that should be carried by most kids attending:

    “My mommy and daddy make less than $250k so we’ll be getting a tax break!”

    Rather than more direct, how about more SPECIFIC Nikki? Where were the signs over the last 6 years while this: has been going on?

  4. LOL Big Bro -you thought I might not know it was humor. Scott Ott is one of my favorites Kids decided no signs.

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