Hugh Jackman is giving away $100K to a charity who gives him the best Twitter. You can read all about it here and he will announce the winner on April 24th. Your truly is working this one hard, as Soldiers’ Angels is in desperate need for a donation like this right now. Laughing Wolf has posted about this at Blackfive as well.

So far I have sent him:

@realhughjackman My wings are real and they are spectacular.

@realhughjackman I’ll do anything for you if the $100K goes to

@realhughjackman I’ll show you my wings for my cause

@realHughJackman needs your support right now. The needs are higher than ever and the economy is not helping.

3 Replies to “Hugh Jackman may file a restraining order”

  1. We need more support for our heroes overseas. They’re putting their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. Help them!

  2. My angel wings are beautful. They are protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

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