Plastic surgery…talk amongst yourselves. My vlog will be up soon.

2 Replies to “Subject for Saturday’s Radio Show”

  1. I really struggled to have an opinion on the subject, but the best I could muster is this old joke:

    One day the Pope is sitting around, and the cardinals come up to his office to talk to him. They tell him “Your Holiness, we have received a letter from the Italian mafia demanding that you have sexual relation with a woman. They say if you do not they will blow up the Vatican.”
    “This is not good” the Pope says “I will agree only on three conditions.”
    “Name them your holiness.”
    “One, this woman, she must be blind, so she can not see who is doing this to her.”
    “It is done your holiness.”
    “Two, this woman, she must be mute, so that she can tell no one what has happened to her.”
    “It will be so your holiness.”
    “And third, she must have big tits.”

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