Aspiring to become a bigger player in the media, I’ve recently committed myself to writing a weekly post/column that would be worthy of syndication. Blogging is something that comes naturally, but honing those writing skills into something worthy of publication takes a greater effort. Being “all over the place” on my radio show and my multiple blogs has not been a bad thing, but now it is time to focus on a model that will help me reaching a pinnacle of media success. I decided a few weeks ago that my column would discuss my new and edgier radio show after it took place. My SunTzu mentor is working with me behind the scenes to guided me to follow in at least his shoelaces. However, pigeonholing myself into one thing seems highly improbable because like you, I am not one thing and have many interests. Embracing my strengths and passions while trying to hide my weaknesses in my writing and on the air are my focus right now. It is 3 AM and there is absolutely no reason for me to be doing anything but sleeping. My emotional day and 250 mile journey in the car on Saturday should only be providing me with well-deserved sleep. Instead, the writer in me is awakened with words flowing in my brain that will only disappear once they find themselves onto my laptop.

Having prepared for my journey on May 2nd for a full day on the road, I kissed hubby god-bye in the morning and snuck out without waking the children. My American hero would once again hold down the fort on a weekend as to not stand in the way of my radio and Soldiers’ Angels commitments. For years as a military wife, I’ve given myself 100% to my family while basically sitting on my education to raise our children. Staying home full-time is no longer enough for me and I now strive for greater and different accomplishments and experiences. My yearning towards chasing my dreams in the media and to continue to give back to the military is coming to fruition. Organizing for a full day like this required much preparation and I was ready. My radio show on plastic surgery was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself on air. This is becoming the norm, even though I’m highly critical of myself beat myself senseless after each show. The nerves are gone and excitement seems to fill my show. Whether this leads to a winning successful radio show formula remains to be seen.

Leaving the studio in a mad-rush to head to a luncheon in Baton Rouge was next on my agenda. My GPS is becoming my best friend these days. Having already told my hostess it would be impossible for me to arrive on time, I relaxed on my journey. Upon arriving, I was informed that the location had been changed and another 15 minutes of being more than fashionably late was inevitable. My hostess, Janet Broussard, the President of the Blue Star Mother’s of Louisiana pointed to some open seating in the corner. My seating choice put me next to the most wonderful Gold Star Mother and her husband. Gold Star Mothers are those who have lost sons or daughter who served in the military. This luncheon was to honor those Mothers and present them with the Louisiana Honor Medal. There also was a Blue to Gold presentation for 2 of the families in attendance as well as the unveiling of the Gold Star License Plate. Governor Jindal presented the medals after his speech, which was so non-politician like and heartfelt, it reminded me why he is slated for greatness. His words of appreciation for the sacrifices mad by these heroes and the family members that carry the burden of their loss, echoed throughout the room and touched my heart and those around me. This luncheon experience was even more humbling and certainly more difficult than my previous weekend where I was honored to be amongst some wounded heroes. My throat welled with sorrow and several tears were wiped from my eyes before heading off to my next adventure.

Next stop was back to Mother’s Restaurant to pick up Po-Boys for 34 Marines who would be landing at the airport that evening. Abita root beer had already been graciously donated and I stopped at a gas station to get ice for my cooler. A homeless man began talking to me while putting the bottles on ice. He told me the boys deserved a good homecoming and he had tears in his eyes after my explanation of where the drinks were headed. With his cut-off BDU’s, I asked him if he served and he told me he was Special Forces with Desert Storm. I handed him a Soldiers’ Angels coin, a mug and our card. He really opened up to me about his trouble with the “drink” and how it has ruined his life. Speaking from the heart, I told him that people like myself really cared about him and that we were here to help if he was ready to accept it. Also, drove home to him that he he did not serve his Country to live his life this way but told him we need him to be a productive member of society again. He told me living on the streets was harder than anything he had done before and that he needed to break away. We parted ways and all I can do is hope this hero finds his way out of the bottle.

Arriving at the airport with the food and drink now in hand, logistical challenges awaited me about getting 5 cases of root beer, a cooler and 34 po-boys to the terminal. As my phone continued to ring off the hook from other Angels who would be greeting the heroes coming in, my “can do” attitude took over. Without help and using a little of my educated brains, it all happened. Next I found myself surrounded by the supporting men in uniform from the unit, Veterans and Angels with flags and banners. The heroes were cheered on as each of them entered the terminal and though some shied away from the fanfare, the majority of them had huge smiles. Though exhausted at this point, my next challenge was to get the food on their bus while personally trying to welcome each of them home. Never have I seen a group of such handsome young men and been so proud to have done a little part in their homecoming. They all made it home safely and their mother’s will enjoy their Mother’s Day this year.

Now I must get back to sleep as tomorrow I plan on enjoying the day with my family. I will edit this before you ever see it, yet the words are out of my head so that much needed sleep will hopefully find me again. Though I traveled alone the day of my journey, I was touched by so many along the way. Still making a personal journey towards the unknown, this one day’s events will forever leave lasting impressions on me.

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