OK quit your laughing that I am reviewing a cookbook. By now you all know that this girl is domestically challenged in the kitchen. That being said, I’m a huge book junkie, including cookbooks. I was blessed with a son who enjoys being in the kitchen (someone was looking out for me) so things are looking up for the Perry family. Then again, the New Orleans area offers the best food on this planet, so nobody is starving here. Well without further ado, here is my review…

“The Military Wives’ Cookbook will undoubtedly be seen next to the collection of Polish Pottery in every American military kitchen in the years to come. The presentation of this book, both inside and out is done flawlessly. The vignettes of military history and stories from wives, pictures tastefully strewn throughout and the wonderful collection of simple but time-honored recipes, cook up a true crowd pleaser.”

~Greta Perry (Hooah Wife)~

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