Uncle Uncle…as one of the few conservative women bloggers in the state, I find it impossible to “skirt” the issue of Stormy Daniels for another minute. My friend The Sniper wanted me to weigh in on this. Since he does not live in Louisiana and he is a sniper, I’m obliging him with a post. I’m going to give you my opinion (shock and awe moment here) without research (no paycheck – no research – lazy blogger here- hire me someone).

First off, as a woman who has the most beautiful and intelligent friends on the planet, I find it highly unlikely that any of them (on either side of the aisle), would choose Stormy for candidate. That would be like hiring a Playboy Centerfold as a nanny! Women are petty with this crap and yes, myself included. Oh….this is about politics…I see…hard to remember that. Well, it is as freaking obvious as the nose on your face that this porn star didn’t wake up one day and decide, “Hey, I’m done with the adult industry and think I will run against David Vitter for Senator.” She may be intelligent, she may have good political ideas, but I bet you a boob job that this was not her own thought even if she says it was. Nope…my little brain tells me that someone is behind this movement in order to shake up Vitter’s election. Is she being used? Will this create a media circus and draw away from serious politics? My friend Chad at the Dead Pelican has some interesting perspective on this and nobody should surprised that something might not be Kosher here. To not leave you hanging, unless Stormy promises free breast augmentation for anyone who voted for her, David Vitter will get my vote in 2010.

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9 Replies to “The “What Color Are Her Eyes” Tour”

  1. Someone started a “Draft Stormy” campaign before she seriously considered the run. There is a website and all.

    Personally, I am waiting to see who else runs. However, if you are going to judge her on her sexual choices then we should also be just as critical of Vitter’s sexual choices.

    Stormy Daniels did legal sex acts, Vitter broke the law.

    Stormy Daniels did not cheat on her spouse, Vitter did.

    Stormy Daniels did not pretend to be someone she is not, Vitter did.

    Seems to me that on the morallity argument, Daniels wins!

    But again, I want to see all the candidates.

  2. Daniel Z – good points! I was hoping this post would lead to some of those issues. Not judging her on her sexual choices, but on the seriousness of the matter at hand and the intent behind it.

  3. I think she is serious. Compare the campaign of Mary Carey (porn star that ran for Gov. of CA) and Stormy Daniels. I never saw a serious moment from candidate Carey. She discussed things like putting webcams in the Governor’s office if elected.

    Stormy Daniels, on the other hand, has used her popularity in the adult industry to fight such vile things like Child Pornography. And in the interviews I have seen with her, she seems rather serious. Of course, she has thrown in the various silly jabs at Vitter and his history. However, in my opinion, he deserves it for being a hypocrite on “family values”.

    Seems to me a common argument by conservatives is that protecting the children is the most important thing. Stormy has made that a priority in her life.

    She is also for the fair tax, something many conservatives support. Hell, I am liberal and I support replacing the income tax with a national sales tax. I don’t know how much work Vitter has put towards it.

    And again, I am not sure if she could win and I am not sure who I would support because we don’t know who the other candidates would be. But if I had to choose betwen the two, I think I have to side with the non-hypocrite.

  4. stormy could not possibly be a serious candidate.

    i mean really, what happens if she gets a good movie gig or photo shoot or something… does she just dump her day job on capital hill and take a leave?

    and what if some of her fellow senators knew her (in the biblical sense) from her past life? or saw her in her latest movie 33 times. that could be a wee bit awkward i’m thinking.

    besides, vitter said he was sorry. 😛

  5. Whether it started as a serious campaign or not, what are her chances of winning?

    Daniel Z. makes some good points. I don’t vote for politicians who cheat on their spouses. I think the willingness to break the marriage vows reveals a lot about a person’s character.

  6. Let’s see if I can figure this out.

    Porn stars screw people for a paycheck. Politicians screw people for a paycheck. Porn stars perform for the camera. Politicians perform for the camera. Politicians are blowhards. Porn stars blow…

    Hmmm… maybe she would fit in after all.

    In all seriousness, what does it say about the state of politics when the best you can be offered is a guy who pays for escort services while married and a woman whose experience is winning “numerous awards for her writing, directing, and acting” in the adult entertainment industry? Ugh.

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