For any of you who have been following this story, the outcome is good for Don Ayala. In a nutshell, a 9 year military veteran is working in Afghanistan as a private contractor. His colleague gets set on fire (who dies of severe burns 2 months later) and he catches the Taliban scum who did it and executes him on the spot. The judge was sympathetic and only gave him probation. This is a tough one for me and I will weigh in on it later. But I did not walk in his shoes – none of us have. I am relieved for him but this sends very mixed messages to our men and women in uniform.

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2 Replies to “NOLA contractor gets probation”

  1. Well you know, I hear what you are saying about concerns – but this one time – the punishment fit the crime as far as I am concerned. How many times have we heard of liberal judges doing the same thing (showing mercy) to child molesters and such. THOSE people don’t deserve it, and it’s always infuriating when it happens. O’Reilly always does a good job of spotlighting those cases…

    BUT THIS TIME – mercy was the RIGHT thing to do. That’s what a judge is supposed to do. Not make an example for all future cases. Just look at this 1. And THIS time it was fitting.

    May God bless the judge and bless the man (contractor) who took a risk in the name of justice bc I am sure it will impact his life forever.

  2. Good judge, although do not think the contractor’s action warranted probation. He should have received a medal. The contractor made certain this particular Taliban member will not do the same thing to another colleague of his or someone the Taliban hates, & they hate anyone not following them, it seems. Actually, this was a very merciful death for the murdering Taliban member. Consider, if we even remotely can, what the burned individual suffered for the remaining 2 mths of his life. Don Ayala is a hero. Too bad more action like his isn’t taken. Thank you Don!

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