Maybe I should have a collection of black dresses made with my name and website printed on them. Hey….that is an idea. By now you know that nothing is going to stop me on my quest for world domination some type of career in the local media. Tonight, I had the opportunity to attend a monthly networking event put on by New Orleans Living Magazine. The Marigny Brassiere was buzzing with a wide array of people wearing name tags with its’ wonderful upscale neighborhood ambiance. There was a wine tasting going on and yours truly liked the Pinot Grigio so much…I had to try it twice – LOL! Frank Stansbury (my event pal) ended up being there and so was the official NOLA iconic socialite, Margarita Bergen. By the way, if I go somewhere and don’t see either Margarita or Frank, I probably should leave! My friend Debbie came with me and my jaw dropped several times while witnessing how small this City really is right before my eyes. Frank’s former band played her wedding 30 years ago -yikes!

The purpose of this event – NETWORKING! My friend and local foodie, Lorin Gaudin suggested I meet Cheryl from the magazine – she invited me to this event – and so it goes in NOLA. I met a lot of wonderful and interesting people and yep…passed out a bunch of business cards!!! The Princess of Positive had some positive vibes (my tiara was in my car sending those vibes too) from everyone she met tonight. I’ll keep you posted!

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