My podcast is up from my Saturday show on guns. My guests were former FBI Special Agent Jim Bernazanni of Youth Rescue Mission discussing New Orleans and youth crime and Clifford Grout of Red Stick Rant regarding the campus carry bill. The non-profit highlighted this week was Work NOLA.

A recent conversation with a soldier who said that the only way he would look down the barrel of a gun would be to do his job, the comfort provided by staying in a house with a gun during the Gainesville Murders, my husband trying to teach me to fire a gun and forgetting to tell me about the shell casing ejecting (thought I shot myself) and how opposed I used to be to having guns in my house; all things that went through my head while preparing for my radio show on guns. Coincidentally, heading to to the studio on Decatur Street the morning of show, I found myself alone outside the studio with 4 shady looking characters. I don’t think the code to the studio has ever been entered that fast! What if I had a concealed weapon on me? Would my heart not have raced as fast and would the hair on the back of my neck not been raised so high? Yours truly is actually considering getting a concealed weapons permit. How can someone who really doesn’t like guns consider this? If you follow along with my writing, you know that I’m always out and about going to events and often times by myself. Having a concealed weapon might be like the ultimate security blanket but in reality could possibly protect me. You also know how much I LOVE New Orleans despite the crime statistics. Jury still out…but a serious consideration.

Speaking of guns, my mind was finally made up on the Louisiana Bill regarding allowing concealed weapons on campus. If a 21 year old student who passes serious background checks and is properly trained how to use a weapon wants to carry it on campus, I say YAY! Will it change the atmosphere of a frat party or being on campus from when I went to school? Well, those were pre-Columbine and pre-Virginia Tech years – so the attitude has already changed. Why should college campuses be sitting ducks to possible crimes? Knowing students and teachers might be armed could possibly serve as a crime deterrent.

We are not living in the days of Leave it Beaver anymore. Society is different, the world is different. If we do not look at “those” kids in a more positive light instead of writing them off, the world will continue to get worse. Jim Bernazaani said that this problem belongs to all of us and he is right on the money on that! Thinking…do you think Ward Cleaver had a gun in his nightstand? I bet he did!

If I do get a concealed weapons permit and have to look down the barrel to protect myself or my family, I better be damned sure I will be able to pull the trigger!

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  1. Plus, better be able to get it out of your purse in time too. I still do not believe a carry permit will make one bit of difference. Maybe a false sence of security but if the bad guy is out there determined to harm, more often than not he’s successful. Face it – he’s simply got more experience than the law abiding woman with a carry permit.

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