I can’t tell you how anxious I am for my radio show this Saturday. I’m so anxious, I am promoting it on Monday instead of Thursday. Why? Well, because I want people to listen as this is probably my most important show yet. This Saturday from 9-10 AM central time on WIST AM 690 out of New Orleans or live from your computer, I will have host a PTSD roundtable with 3 experts from the Southeast Louisiana VA Health Care System. 1-888-880-WIST Follow this week for more to come on this show and feel free to weigh in on this blog or to send comments or questions gretaperry at gmail.com

Dr. Madeline Uddo: Clinical Psychologist specializing in PTSD Southeast LA VA Health Care System

Michael Hue: Assistant Chief, Business Operations Office Southeast LA VA Health Care System

Garry Laborde: MSW OEF/OIF Program Manger Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System

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  1. Thank you for doing this! People don’t know what they don’t know and misunderstand about trauma and the broken souls struggling so. Intervention I think does a great job explaining addictions and the causitive factors for many but now in the midst of a war with families struggling to understand what is happening to the loved one who should be normal because they are home yet isn’t. Your show will reach so many of the La servicemen dealing with the remnants of their story. Thank you for doing this ignorance may be a “comfortable” place at first but when it all hits the fan one has to have understanding to help their person and Themselves.

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