Sorry my writing has been light lately. With the 2 younger kiddos at home and my wonderful babysitter son away at camp, the Perry house dynamics have changed. The two younger ones are putting me through that true Mommy test this week. Trying to keep them busy as much as possible, make them responsible for their own messes and keeping them from killing each other is a joy (snark & sarcasm inserted here). I am so blessed that I’ve been able to stay home and raise my children. Thought I don’t always appreciate it – I know it is worth it and the kids will be better for it! Parenting IS the toughest job in the world – no doubt about it! I may put serving in the military as a close second and possibly let is go to first depending on the moment. Love them to death – they are my everythings. Though there are moments where I want to fill the tank, grab my friend and just go Thelma and Louise!

For all those stay at home mom’s – sending you good vibes this vacation! Now where is my damn tiara? LOL!

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