I had to blurt this out this AM, because it was bugging the tar out of me. Freaking Twitter, FB and blogs are all on the fallen celebrity bandwagon right now. Every loss of human life is sad, but why isn’t there more talk about the fallen heroes? Each of these heroes should get front page coverage. Sadly, they don’t and that is where the Milblog community comes in, to remind and honor those who the media neglects in order to plaster celebrity stuff on the front pages. Go over here and skim down and see all the names of real heroes who died for this Country.

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  1. Amen, 100% on this unfortunate fact, Greta! My personal opinion: MJ may have been a good musician, but made multi-millions for himself off from us, didn’t really contribute much back to his country, didn’t ‘serve’ in any meaningful way; and the media makes such a big deal out of his life, pitiful as it was in his (poor role model) later years. Any of our folks lost serving in the military contribute more to this country as a fallen hero than he did, and they are the REAL HEROES the media SHOULD be recognizing. My 2 cents…

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