I thought I already wrote about a moron this week? Oh… but that one was not a politician. NEWSFLASH “Moronic Louisiana Politician” in the news! Our own Ray Nagin and his shady computer scheme. Seems the Voodoo Queen must have done some magic on his computer as his e-mails magically disappeared. Fercryingoutloud, I just used to think he was a moron, now I highly suspect he is criminal too. Oh…and the NOLA.com comments came a rolling in – bwahahaha.

Posted by soulmusic on 07/01/09 at 4:12PM
ACORN did it!

Posted by my5cents on 07/01/09 at 6:06PM
Have they looked for the emails in Jefferson’s freezer?

Posted by gotacalakaya on 07/01/09 at 4:14PM
Nagin meet Nixon, Nixon meet Nagin.

Posted by Toocynical on 07/01/09 at 4:16PM
I guess one of those cranes in the sky plucked the hard drive right out of his computer.
Or Ms White “plucked” the mayor’s hard drive.

Posted by wwxx on 07/01/09 at 4:20PM
Professionally removed? That rules out anyone working at City Hall.

Posted by dacritter on 07/01/09 at 4:20PM
Cool! What a Renaissance Man! Both a splendid leader and an IT professional at the same time. Is there anything our Dear Leader IS NOT capable of?