My motto on my other blog is, “We don’t drink the kool-aid, we pee in it.” I’m not into bashing people, not my style. I’m not nasty about politics either. But…when I see something that doesn’t sit right with me, I will call it out. Sarah Palin has certainly taken enough grief lately (sad about that), she didn’t need any more unnecessary jabs. Apologies ahead of time Sarah – I do like you and respect you as a person, politician and Blue Star Mother.

On with the post……soooo….I’m on Twitter this afternoon and see this Tweet from my left-wing friend @yatpundit

RT @charyl: I eagerly await the multiple Red State diaries screaming about her mistreatment of the flag.

This tweet brought me over to Balloon Juice and then to The Daily Dish which brought me to the picture that bares scrutinizing, even by me, a conservative who like Sarah.
I recently did a segment on my radio show segment (half way through) about flag etiquette with John Donovan of Arrgghhh!!!. This was not using your brain Sarah. No, it is not the worst thing in the world, but it borders on disrespectful. When you are in the public eye and everyone is waiting for you to mess up – this one screamed “d’oh.”

Yours truly would be happy to grace the cover of Runner’s World some day and would certainly be honored to have a flag hung properly in the background. And yes, I’m still envious of Sarah’s great athletic shape.

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10 Replies to “NOT good flag etiquette”

  1. I totally agree – and I’m a Sarah Palin fan. But the disrespect of the flag (intentionally or not) is not acceptable.

  2. You see this kinda stuff all the time, and it always amazes me.

    If the politicians themselves don’t know better (which they should, of course), you’d think at least one person on their staffs would (and I can’t believe she was there alone). They have all these people to keep ’em out of trouble, and not one spots this?


  3. Shaking head.
    She should know better and least of all she should know she needs to know better.
    Why does she keep providing fodder to her enemies?
    And, keep doubt alive in the conservatives who don’t much like her?

  4. Is this pic real? I thought she was trying to promote a serious image? On top of the flag gaffe…..someone should tell her that wearing nylons/stocking with shorts and sneakers looks stupid.

  5. Why does she keep providing fodder to her enemies?

    Obviously because she knew she was going to exit out the stage of American corruption and cancer, so she could do whatever she wanted to.

    She would only gain. It was only America that would lose her leadership. And the Left would lose another Bush beating stick, of course.

  6. Fodder for her enemies??? You need to take a step back and consider how you’re viewing what’s going on…

    Her leadership??? What leadership? How has she led you? What guidance has she provided? And if any, now she’s being investigated for corruption??? Really? Was she the hope of you and your party? If so that’s pathetic! You all rallied around a woman of whom you obviously knew spit about, ignoring by the way, the cries from Alaska saying that she and her husband were prone to misuse her power for their gain.

    And your first reaction is to blame the left and our “Bush beating stick”… please.

    Though these people may have what it takes to be nominated as President, or in her case Vice President, they are still human. The photo op for her was another step toward greater power and in that she at the very least didn’t correct the photog on proper display of the flag, because in the blind chase for power such a thing was too small to concern her… at worst it didn’t even occur to her that there was any kind of etiquette concerning the flag.

    These people do these things just as the rest of us do… and when I say “us” I’m speaking generally, not specifically. They take advantage of loop-holes… they bend the rules to whenever possible, they steal, they lie, they cheat…

    No one MAKES these people do these things so stop drinking the coolaid… stop believing that every foible is the result of some sort of politically motivated attack… (Actually in the case of Sarah Palin it was most likely some of the men in her own party who most wanted to see her knocked out of the spotlight)… Sometimes it just is what it is.

    You can’t knock the crap out of the other guy for the better part of 6 months for not wearing a flag pin on his lapel, yet cry foul when someone you like is called out for treating our flag much like a teen treats a dirty t-shirt.

  7. PS… baby girl is GOOD LOOKING though. Not thinking that she’s wearing nylons, it could be whatever they used to shine up her legs that gives that appearance. Her arms are the same complextion as her legs.

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