Update: For everyone involved in the contest mentioned on point #6 – good luck and have fun.

1. Who is @kissmygumbo?
My name is Greta Perry and I’m just some 41 yo stoopid housewife (hate that word – but I never sit on the couch and eat bon-bons), mom of 3 who supports the troops and bleeds red white and blue. Nah – actually I’m a little more complex than that:) You’ll have to read my bio for the rrrreeeeeesssst…of the story.

2. What drives me?
My husband retired from the Army in 2006 and I chose Soldiers’ Angels (actually it chose me) as the non-profit I would work with permanently. This happened after Patti Patton-Bader, the founder, invited me to spend a day at Walter Reed Army Medical Center during a Milblog conference in 2007. I realize how effective I (yes, there is an I sometimes) can be as a volunteer to help the troops and their families and put my heart and soul into it (sometimes neglecting having a hot meal on the table or keeping the house 100% spotless). Needs arise every day and some days it is morning until night SA – all as a volunteer! Yes, I would love to be paid for doing what I do – that would be a dream come true!!!!

3. How was #militarymon created?
Carson Daly and yours truly put our heads together to create this. Read here and here for that.

4. What is the mission of #militarymon?
To recognize our Veterans, those who are currently serving, honor our fallen heroes, recognize military family members, talk about military topics, recognize the Milblog community, recognize resources and non-profits that support the troops and let those serving know we support them!

5. What do I personally gain from #militarymon?
The satisfaction of knowing that this concept might work. Getting thank you’s from heroes and their families and being able to connect a hero or family member with resources. I have not used it to drive traffic to this blog (a banner day is 300 visitors) or my other one or beg for sponsors for my radio show ( I reserve that for other days & I really do need sponsors). All good things come back to you and that in itself is enough for me.

6. What are the issues with #militarymon?
I’ve heard from people trying to make money off of it, those that think Carson and I chit chat on the phone every day and want me to pass him a message and grumbling from people about getting the hashtags wrong. There also is a contest now, and though I don’t endorse or promote it, it is America and last time I checked, I do not control anyone else (heck, I can’t even get my kids to do their chores without a struggle). Some have found this contest disrespectful. Hopefully, we can all just put our differences aside and work together as a community! No time for squabbling, there is a war going on!

7. What is the future of #militarymon?
Well…if we all stand strong and unite, this will be a wonderful tool looked at by the world (who is now on Twitter – except my Mother – please don’t tell her about it) to show and recognize and strengthen the online presence of the military. I’m working on a growing database with others that will go public when it is complete (but it will need lots of tending to).

8. How can you help with #militarymon?
Every Monday come up with unique Tweets (Retweets don’t count you can replace RT with via) and add #militarymon to them. Link blogs and resources in your posts and thank people for their service. The #followfriday style is fine, but we are so much more than that. We need to reach out to the news and celebrities and those with mass Twitter followings to get them on board. We want this trend to grow and we must reach out to others to help that!

9. What does Carson think of all this?
Well, according to some of our conversations through Twitter, all he ever wanted to do is recognize the military on Twitter. He never thought it would become so complex. He will keep doing what he intended and will continue to support the troops as he does! He has my utmost respect and gets a big Hooah! from me.

10. What plans do I have for next Monday?
Monday is laundry day and hopefully I’ll be tending to only a mild weekend hangover. I’ll swim a mile and maybe run, try not to kill my children, feed my 4 cats, walk my dog and spend waaaay too much time on the computer TWEETING!!!! When hubby gets home from work, I’ll call for pizza!

FYI – my Twitter account is broken and I don’t even show up in their search – UGH!

3 Replies to “Setting the #militarymon record straight”

  1. You are a class act and one of a kind that is one of the many reasons I enjoy talking to you. You have started a wonderful thing with #militarymon ,but like all good ideas people want to step in and take advantage of others hard work for personal gain. You have busted your ass to support and honor our military, I have nothing but respect for you and your venture. If there is anything I can do to help say the word as supporting and honoring our troops is not something that I take lightly.KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK I HAVE YOUR BACK. MUCH LOVE AND HUGS TO YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.

  2. Greta,
    I appreciate you addressing this issue. It’s very important to make it clear as to who Mondays belong to on Twitter- they really deserve every day! As an army spouse and a single mom for 400+ days, I know how hard everyday life is to juggle, but even with a war still strong, losing unit members, negative news daily- #militarymon is a day I can put aside for myself and others! Kudos for helping to start!

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