Marvin – everyone’s favorite bartender and I took this pic this morning.
photo2I’m blogging to you from the top of the Hotel Monteleone in the hospitality suite. The view of the mighty Mississippi Rive is breathtaking up here. My tummy is full from a breakfast sponsored by Van Gogh Vodka and I can’t believe I let alcohol touch my lips so early in the morning. UGH!!!

I guess I’ll chronologically reverse the events of my adventure at my first Tales of the Cocktail @totc @mrs_cocktail @mr_cocktail #totc09

* My picture taken for Fleurty Girl shirts by the pool. I thing they are adorable and am now the proud owner of the French Quarter shirt @fleurtygirl and @julesybean I hope the pics come out OK – as I am a tad hungover (I’ll get to why later).

* My radio show this morning was the definition of grace under fire. Eric Asher had technical difficulties yesterday and he was so sweet and came in after a long night of partying to get me situated. Unfortunately, in one hour’s time, the show was cut off from the studio at least 4 times. It was pretty cool and novel being live from the Carousel Bar @carouselbar at the Hotel Monteleone @hotelmonteleone though. I must profusely thank all my guests and listeners for putting up with the fiascos! Thanks to Debbie Rizzo, Martin Miler, Andrea Thornton from the Hotel Monteleone and Stephen Beaumont .

* Bedtime by midnight – must be awake for my show in the AM!

* Arnaud’s French 75 – Chris is such a great bartender and made me the most wonderful Brandy Smash! That is such a great place to hang out and I really enjoyed meeting Kevin Jenkins, the host of Chef and the Fatman. He had his show with John Besh and Danny DeVito that afternoon in the Carousel Bar and I saw what I could from my seat at the bar.

* USBG Caipirinha Competition at Pat O’s on the river. Upon entering they gave us score cards and a little pencil. Everyone had to make a cocktail out of Cachaca. There were tables of 2 bar chefs/mixologists and you checked off which one you liked better. It was a blast, but there was a slight Robitussin flavor to the alcohol and some of the drinks were very painful to swallow. Regardless, it is cool seeing how much creativity and thought goes into some of these drinks. There were: rose petals, figs, watermelon – you name it!

* Our friends joined us at the Whiskey Blue in the W (where w happen to be staying) and we decided to sit down to eat at Zoe. Everything was delish and I enjoyed a Strawberry Mojitini.

* Our room at the W is very cool and hubby met me there after work. This is our first stay there and we are impressed with the hotel. It is ultra-modern in contrast to the Hotel Monteleone which is more classic romantic.

* The swag room for Tales was amazing. It was a freaking IKEA store of goodies to choose from. I loaded up 2 recyclable shopping bags full of alcohol and goodies. Amazing! I met up with @cajun_mama Shannon and we cabbed it back to the hotel with our bags of goodies!

* I got caught in the rain walking around the French Quarter with my friend Frank Stansbury. I had to take off my shoes to run out of the rain. I entered the Hotel looking like a drowned rat and glad I was not wearing white!!!

* The afternoon at the Carousel Bar by myself was a great opportunity to kick back a Pisco Sour and a Brandy Smash with Marvin my fave bartender. This was also my time to network and mingle. I met a ton of people and really enjoyed the company of my new friend @mojitoking Michael Hensel.

* Getting away from the house is always a challenge but I know it will be worth it when I get to my hotel in New Orleans!

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