Revving up for Tales of the Cocktail and the opportunity to be a co-chair of a blogger get-together for Ford motors kind of just fell from the sky. Free dinner for 4 blogging friends at Mandina’s on Sunday night (I’ll be recovering from Tales – uh oh), test drive the Ford Taurus, blog about it and get $250 – I’m game! I mentioned something in my last post about this and now I’m filling you in. To be completely lazy, I should just end the post now and link to my co-chair Chris Schultz’s @cshultz post – which completely summarizes the event. Well, cheating here by linking to Chris’s post but I’ll give a little more.

Here’s how this went down

Hi Greta,

I’m writing to you on behalf of Ford to ask you to be the official co-host from New Orleans for Ford Executive, Noah Mass, Manager of Systems Architecture on Sunday, July 12 and Monday, July 13.

This summer, Ford Executives are hitting the road to introduce everyone around the country to the new 2010 Taurus and its story. On Sunday, Noah would like to take you and some other New Orleans bloggers out to dinner to hear from you what makes New Orleans special. Then on Monday, Noah will host an event at the dealership that’s open to the public and you and any of your readers would be more than welcome to attend. Schedule permitting, Noah will take the Taurus out to the places you and other bloggers have recommended.

We’re interested in you because you know the area and can help us find the right place to have dinner, invite other bloggers, and spend time with Noah; we’re eager to work with you to share the very best of New Orleans with the Ford community.

If you’re interested in being a co-host, we would promote you and your blog across Ford’s social media properties and compensate you $250 for your time. (Note that this not in exchange for any positive vehicle review or Ford testimonial, but rather for your guidance and expertise as a New Orleans social media insider!)

If you’d like more information, please let me know. If you’re not sure you can co-host, but would like to attend Sunday’s dinner or any of Monday’s events, we’d love to have you join us as well. I know it’s a holiday weekend, but I’d love to hear back from you by Tuesday of next week so we can begin to firm up the day!

Thanks so much. Hope to talk to you soon,


PS- Ogilvy Public Relations is a governing member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and our outreach is governed by the Ogilvy PR Blogger Outreach Code of Ethics.

Karen Untereker
Digital Strategist | 360 Digital Influence

OK – so now I have to suggest a few places for Noah to drive the Ford Taurus on Monday: The Roosevelt New Orleans (which just re-opened), Jackson Square and down to the French Market – past WIST studios (hint hint- need sponsors Ford). Gotta drive by the Superdome, maybe through the Garden District, and by Loyola University. Oh – past some cemeteries would be cool too. Gosh – I have so much more to see myself (2 1/2 years now).

The most diverse group in the world that I invited but adore each and every one of them and thank them for accepting the newbie with open arms:
* Charlotte Ash – @charlotteAsh –
* Ed Branley – @yatpundit –
* Jeff Crouere –
* @nolanotes –

Chris’s guests so far…he is looking for 1 more.
* Tiffany Starnes – @tiffanystarnes –
* Justin Shiels – @curioustribe –
* Brian Bordainick – @9wfieldofdreams –

This will be soooo much fun – thanks Ford!

3 Replies to “Opportunities sometime knock”

  1. Wow, Greta, that sounds really awesome! How exciting that they asked you to participate.

    I actually own Ford stock so as an investor I’m very encouraged that they’re looking for unique ways to promote their brand and products. Go Ford!

    And this week’s radio show sounds fun, too, I bet you have a blast.

    Congratulations on so many positive things happening in your life!

  2. Sounds so great Greta. You never cease to amaze me, but then you never did. You are a truly unique tiny little package of a person, & people recognize this once they get to know about you or meet you. Find out something if you can about what they are doing or going to do with hybrids. Want my next car to be one, but they are priced so steeply right now & are very limited in their output from what I gather. Hope there will be a reasonably priced hybid before my car door falls off. Think it may very soon, so am not really using it now but climbing over shift & seats. Proud of you.
    Love, Mom

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