Yes, seems like this Summer vacation and Mommy thing is isolating me into the world of Agent P. and chicken nuggets. What did you say – school starts August 7th? OMG – should I be sad??? Well, as soon as school starts, I leave for a week to attend the Military Order of the Purple Heart Conference (MOPH) for Soldiers’ Angels (can’t wait). I’ll be helping out with the museum, mingling and spreading the Angel gospel.

Oh my radio show… well… my 11 yo took a video today that will make you seasick. I may get a new one up before the show. This week, my co-host Chuck Collins and I are mixing things up. There are so many things to talk about – we decided not to stick to one topic. Oh ya – a variety show! We will start the hour with my friend Chad Rogers from The Dead Pelican. He will give us his top picks for Louisiana headlines for the week – and there are some great ones. Then Chuck and I will babble and take your calls, FB messages, twitter @kissmygumbo etc…. We will end the show with my friend Jim Hanson (aka Uncle Jimbo from Blackfive). He will be talking about the Warrior Legacy Foundation. Their missions are so unique and amazing that you will undoubtedly want to be part of this organization.

How to listen: AM 690 WIST in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast or on your computer here. 9:00-10:00 AM central time 1-888-880-WIST or (504)260-0690