I admit it, I have become such a social networking whore, that my blogging is suffering. I see a great story and instead of writing about it, I post on Twitter and Facebook for instant gratification. Today, I am stopping to share some stories that I really feel you should not miss. Heh- if I can sit my ass down long enough to write them – they must me good – so READ THEM!

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*** My Cotillion sister, Nice Deb, shares a a “teachable moment” picture that is certainly worth a thousand words!

*** My dear friend Toby Nunn makes the London Times and had a lot to say about the new movie “The Hurt Locker.”

*** My good friend Troy Steward aka “Bouhammer” gets a well deserved Army spotlight.

*** Acute Politics takes you into the background of a hero George Nickel, who unfortunately made some headlines lately.

***JP has the 411 and links to the military possibly banning Twitter and Facebook. NOOOOO!!!!

*** Over at The Castle, another Medal of Honor recipient is highlighted. These are too amazing to miss!

***Uncle Jimbo talks more about the Battle of Wanat.

*** Kathi has another great Soldiers’ Angels Surf up!

***MaryAnn has all the info up about Gungate. Now go buy a raffle ticket!

*** If you have any interest in the military at all – you should start your day with the Mudville Gazette! They do an amazing job.

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