I usually don’t post an entire news story – but this is too important for anyone to miss.

Money for Fallen and Disabled Soldiers

Posted: July 31, 2009 06:29 PM
Money For Soldiers’ Families

The chairman of the State Senate Veterans Committee wants to expand a state law that would pay $250,000 to families of fallen Louisiana soldiers. The law, which has been in place since July of 2007 applies to those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. The state senator says it should be made to include all troops killed since the Iraq war began.

This law would not only allow families to receive a quarter of a million dollars from the state, but $100,000 to guard members who are permanently disabled.

State Senator Robert Adley says it appears no families have received the benefits so far. They’re trying to get the word out for families who might be eligible. He says he will meet with the veterans affairs committee September 11th to discuss how every fallen or disabled soldier, can get the money.

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