*I did it – I manage to escape the house for 1 whole week to attend the Military Order of the Purple Heart Convention. I miraculously finished all my “to do” list, hired a babysitter to fill the voids and packed everything in 1 suitcase!!!! Yes, 8 pairs of shoes plus running shoes, a formal dress, and 2 outfits a day for a week in 1 suitcase!!! It only weighted 38 pounds too!

*The camaraderie these guys share with each other – they are such a unique group. Just thinking that all these men looked death straight in the eye blows me away. Heroes! I sat at the bar tonight and there was one guy with a patch on his eye joking about how all of them are so old. Another guy came by and told him he had the patch on the other eye last year. It was freaking hysterical!

*Started reading this book today – intense! I hated to put it down.

* Bonus – got selected as one of the 100 women bloggers to look our for (or as someone on Twitter put it “to watch out for) in 2009. I’ll take that!

* My podcast from last week is up too. It was a pretty decent show! Read who was on it here.

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  1. I know what you mean. I didn’t put it down and read the whole book in a day. Truly amazing. “Joker One” by Donovan Campbell is another outstanding read. Of course this goes without saying, but “Lone Survivor” is at the top of the list.

  2. So what’s your secret to getting all of that stuff into a single suitcase and having it weight only 38 pounds? If I tried to do the same I would need to get an LSU offensive lineman to carry my bag.

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