Competing in a traithlon again felt fantastic – even if I was in the Masters Division (must deal with that title I guess). Of course, it make me think of that Seinfeld episode about “Master of my Domain.” LOL! My main goal was to complete it (1/4 swim, 13 ride, 2 run) and in the back of my mind I had a time of one hour and 15 minutes. I completed it in 1:14 and 57 seconds!!!! How’s that for cutting it close? Thank goodness I dug up some energy to sprint across the finish line or wouldn’t have made that cutoff!

I blame today’s competition on 2 people – my neighbor Chat who told me I should join him and my friend Chuck who I watched cross the finish line at Face of America (I’ll be riding 110 with him in April). You see, I was training on my bike in 93, when an uninsured motorist (ya ya – go figure) in California broadsided me. I don’t remember much about that day but do know my helmet was cracked and I lost consciousness for some time. After that, I saw double for 6 months and had to have a newly done shoulder surgery re-done and have had 3 knee surgeries. The only thing the lady who hit me was responsible for, was my new bike. I had a nice Italian Torelli (I bought my previous one used) and I got my replacement. It is a beautiful bike, purple and had state of the art gears (at the time) and fit my frame like a glove. However, I was so afraid of getting back on it, it basically became a dust magnet. The bike moved from California to Florida, Kansas, Texas, again in Texas, Oklahoma and finally made it to Louisiana. Every move, every opportunity my husband would ask me to get rid of it and I would refuse. When we got to Louisiana, I finally decided to sell it to my friend. After I returned from Face of America in April, I asked her if she really wanted it (awkward) or if I could buy it back. Graciously she agreed to part ways with it (and she cheered me on today).

Bucket list for my 40’s:
*compete in traithlon – done
*travel to Europe again – next Summer with son
*buy a Harley – HONEY!!!!

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  1. Congratulations, Greta!

    Girl, you really are rocking your 40s! I’m jealous and I need to get on the ball so I can keep up with YOU!

    Congratulations, again!!!!

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