I guess I’m not quite sure, but I do know a couple of parents are not happy about this! I had this exchange with Kristin today.

September 4, 2009
Kristin McLaren-Mickal
St. Tammany Republican Parish Executive Committee
Member at Large


“As a parent of four children in our St. Tammany Parish public school system, I am appalled that taxpayer money is being used to further President Obama’s agenda. I send my children to school to be educated, not indoctrinated.

“The presidential address scheduled for September 8, 2009 and the accompanying teacher’s guide obligates our children to agree with the President’s socialist ideology rather than engage in a healthy debate on his agenda. Turning to America’s children to justify his liberal agenda is an abuse of power to which I am offended and infuriated. I appreciate that our school board and school superintendent have afforded parents an opt-out opportunity so as not to usurp our parental rights.

“As for me and my children, we will engage in these political discussions at home where my children can speak out on the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage. Where we can have a Christmas Party rather than a Holiday Party and where we can pray peacefully as our forefathers did.”

Me: You really think this is not an OK thing I guess? I on the other hand want my children to respect the President, whether they agree with him or not. My 13 yo son already came home and said yuck Obama – I told him not to be like that.

Kristin: I, too, want my children to respect the President but the means by which he is pushing his agenda is wrong. If it were truly a message to encourage education, I can appreciate that. However, if he is pushing for education then why is he taking away valuable classroom time on something that could be broadcast during hours when families can make their own decisions? He’s using our teachers and our classroom to inculcate our children.

It is being broadcast when most parents are at work and won’t have an opportunity to view the message yet when our children come home with questions, how are we to respond?

Then there is this.

So no this really has me thinking – what is he going to be talking about? Will my kids little minds be messed up from this talk? I’m not sure…I need more information…talk amongst yourselves…..

4 Replies to “What will Obama say to the kids?”

  1. Obviously he will say that Satan is our Lord and Savior and that we should murder our parents. What do you *EXPECT* him to say?

    This is terribly foolish. He’s the president. He’s going to say the same, even-headed things that he’s always been saying. The uproar over this is appalling — makes me ashamed to be an American.

  2. And, before you jump to conclusions, no, I am not a Democrat. I do, however, greatly respect the office of the President and think that our children should be thought to do the same. The way that some parents are reacting — oh, no! “Obama” (not the lack of his title — already they’re teaching their children to not respect his office) is going to brain wash our children!! — is revolting. President Bush (Sr) did similar things when I was a child and I could hardly call myself brainwashed. Former First Lady Barbara Bush even appeared regularly on the Disney Channel in sponsored messages highlighting great teachers (including New Orleans’ own Guy Woods, conductor of the award-winning band at Karr Magnet), which certainly reached more children than not. One would hardly call them brain washing as well (if anything, they were inspiring!). No respect these days for the Presidency.

  3. My children will be watching it as well and I welcome the President’s message about taking responsibility for their education.

    I think it’s a sign of the times that this has become so controversial. My children attend DoD schools and even the school administration felt it necessary to send out a message from the superintendent. I understand the concern with the wording the in the Department of Education’s suggested (not mandatory) lesson plan following the speech but they have since changed that wording and I think it was overblown.

    My kids already know how important we consider their education and after changing schools three times now we have a unique appreciation for public schools throughout the nation. I’m glad the President is taking this time to mark the beginning of another school year and after reading his remarks I find nothing controversial about them.

    Anyone interested in reading the President’s remarks can go here:


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