Can you believe that I entered the first recruiter’s office on August 6th? Now, I’m on the 3rd recruiter and still don’t have the answers necessary to make informed decisions. Information I’m seeking: can I enter the Reserves at 41, get a direct commission and become a Public Affairs Officer. Gotta admit, at this point, that I am very skeptical that they will let me come in under the circumstances I desire. Well….all things happen for a reason…right? Looks like the US Army needs to review how their age cutoff is written. This should be black and white (at least in my perfect world). And yes, I already contacted someone higher up – that is how I got recruiter number 3…. Ridiculous!

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  1. Greta,

    You might find this article interesting:

    Here’s the most relevant part:

    Details of the branches of the Army can be found in Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 600-3. Download a copy from the U.S. Army Publications Agency at Functional areas (such as public affairs, human resource management and comptroller) and branches (such as civil affairs) are not available for direct commission soldiers upon their initial appointment.

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