The Mayor of Mandeville, Eddie Price, resigned Friday, October 10th at a 4:30 press conference. There were no apologies as it is not his M.O. I still feel so terribly for the policemen that lost their job as a casualty of him and you would think he would at least owe them a public apology. I also hope his plea does not get him just a slap on the wrist.

Well….all I can say is….it is about time!

People keep asking what I think about everyone that sits on the City Council. Here is my official statement,

“I now believe that everyone that is on the City Council is part of the problem and not the solution. None of them stood up to take a vote of “No Confidence” for Eddie or signed the “recall petition.” They were responsible for allowing Eddie Price to continually embarrass the City of Mandeville as his buffoonery made our city the butt of many jokes. We will never know how much potential revenue we lost due to them not taking action. We also will never know how much we lost while they allowed the city to carry on as business as usual. We must all remember that their job is to serve the people of this great city. It is the right of the citizens to demand the best for the future of the City of Mandeville. It is time for the city to move forward with new leadership. Please choose wisely.”

Many thanks for all the e-mails, phone calls and texts that thanked me for working to recall him last year. It was the right thing to do at the time and I have no regrets. I also want to thank all the brave citizens who worked on the recall. It was a success as we stirred the hornet’s nest and we won just by getting it filed! Thank you to the Feds for a job well done and all those who cooperated with them too. To all the cheerleaders of Eddie, it is obvious your hand had been in the proverbial cookie jar! Your gravy train has ended for now and I hope the City immediately evaluates ALL city contracts and re-opens them for new companies that did not have a chance before. From my understanding, Eddie is small potatoes in this scandal and more will be coming with bigger players going down. Nothing would please me more than seeing city hall completely cleaned out at this time. In reality, that will not happen, and Trilby will be our Mayor until the next election cycle.

Below are a few things I copied from the forum. As time went on, it was clear that Eddie’s usual cheerleaders on the forum, disappeared.

13946.1. WHERE IS EDDIE?
by micthemouse, 10/9/09 18:38 ET
Re: Don’t let the door hit you in the @ss by micthemouse, 10/9/09

13948. Eddies gone
by studlyhungwell, 10/9/09 19:16 ET
But the corrupt political machine he assembled is still in place.

13953. Hey Eddie, It’s your buddy Mike!
by grenadethrwr, 10/10/09 2:30 ET
Hey Eddy,It has been a while, I guess it was in City Hall or in Court where you have been charged by the State with Purgery, remember our conversation before you went in to testify after being called in by Copp’s attorney Ralph Capetelli on behalf of now Convicted Coward FELON and WOMAN Beater Gary Copp. I said, “You need to tell the truth Eddie”, just as Ralph Capetelli walked up and interupted our conversation, I had to get in his face and tell him to “go take a hike”. And he did! You should have followed my request. But you didn’t, I really thought you were going to be totally truthful, you scumbag, you are no better than Copp, you are a coward too! Congratulations on finally cutting the bait as Mayor. You should have done this along time ago. Many think of you as the good old boy who sloshes around in ankle deep water after a storm, but I know you to be a liar and a scoundrel and you know you are, otherwise why resign. Well, being a liar is only a small problem, you likely will bring a few down with you on your way to Prison. Now you and Copp have something in common. Sgt Hursell, Mande PD, will be in the same boat, I hope. As I have said, you both are really liars or have early on set Alzheimers disease, I doubt the Alzheimers part. The consequences of the actions that you have done have ended up hurting many people’s lives and will be an indelible mark of pain that will likely last many for the rest of theirs. You did not mention ANYTHING about those people especially one I know who suffers from physical and emotional damage that will likely never go away totally, You know who I am speaking of. If you had any balls, you would at least write her a letter of apology. Good ridance to you Eddie, you have dissapointed many, your family, and those who blindly supported you. But those who benifited financially, like youon the backs of others,including taxpayers and ordinary citizens will NOT be missed! We really are glad to see you go. This kind of C&AP is a disease in Louisiana and many places in the country, it is disgusting that people in positions like you had, cannot just be HONEST. I hope that you will be rehabilitated in the future, I am certain the indictments will keep you busy for a while. When you get around to it, make amends for your actions and send that letter of apology. That is what real men do. Have a nice day Eddie, glad I was able to do just a little bit to assist your departure! I saw your resignation speech, and as usual it was ALL ABOUT EDDIE, not ONE WORD OF APOLOGY TO ANYONE, You are DISGUSTING and ARROGANT!

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  1. I am so proud of you, Greta! You had the balls to start the whole thing rolling.

    We need more people like you around. People who are not afraid to speak the truth and get involved digging out corruption in politics at every level.

  2. Beth, you have no idea how much that means coming from you. You have been one of my friends who has helped me along the past few years. Thank you for being there for me during this and other rough patches!

  3. Congratulations, Great!

    You are PROOF that bloggers can make a real world difference. Your calls to action (in this instance and your work with Soldier’s Angels) make a real difference in people’s lives.

    As always I’m proud of you!


  4. Yes, it’s a good thing (in a weird way,) that the federal investigation seems to have gone badly for him. I suspect that we haven’t seen the end of the drama around Crazy Eddie.

  5. What ever happened to the guy who started the recall stuff who’s house caught fire mysteriously? I lost track of that story.

  6. Barb – he is still a good concerned citizen with a currently vacant lot. So sad. His house had to be demolished.

    Clifford – thought about it and then remembered the council despises me and since they are picking… no dice!

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